What kinds of dog water fountains are there?

Automatic water fountains are a good way for you to avoid having to put water down every day and make sure that the water your dog is drinking stays fresh and clean. Water gets stale after being left out for too long, so a fountain or reservoir is a good way to keep it tasting good for the dog. This is especially important if your dog is getting finicky about drinking it. That can cause urinary tract problems and dehydration.


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The other good benefit to having a big supply of water is that it keeps your pet safe in an emergency. My cat made it through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans alone for a week because she had a big reservoir, which I still leave up along with a fountain just in case. You may not have a hurricane hit you, but it certainly got me thinking - what happens if you're in an accident and can't get home? It might be a few days before someone can get to your pet, and a dog cannot survive for long without water. Most fountains can store at least a few days worth of water, which is added safety for an emergency.

The Fresh Flow Pet Fountain is about $20 and is available online here.

I personally use this one for my cat, but it's big enough for a smaller dog as well. If your dog is big, you probably need a bigger fountain than this, though. It works very well - generally it's pretty quiet, but the one problem I don't like is it starts making slurping noises when it runs out of water. It will let you know you need to refill it, but it's also pretty annoying if you don't want to do it at that exact moment.


5 Gallon Large Dog Waterer - This is a reservoir that works well for medium to big dogs or for houses with several dogs. It costs around $20 and you can get it online here. I have one with the exact same design, but a lot smaller, and it works well, you just have to remember to clean it out periodically because it doesn't move the water around like a fountain does. The other thing to think about with this one is: can you lift it? 5 gallons is going to be very heavy, so just keep that in mind.


Big Dog Drinkwell Fountain - 2.25 Gallons - This is a fountain for bigger dogs. It runs the same way as the fountain above, with a charcoal filter to get the dirt out. 2.25 gallons is a lot more manageable weight than 5, but it's still enough to give your dog a hefty backup supply of water that you probably won't have to change every day. Moving the water around will keep the oxygen in it and keep it from tasting stale to the dog. It costs around $60 and you can get it online here.

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