Can I feed a bone to my dog?

That is not really a good idea. If you want to give your dog a bone of some kind, I would go with a rawhide "bone" - they're good for the dog to chew on and they aren't made of anything that can hurt them. Why shouldn't you give bones to your dog?


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1) They can splinter and injure the dog. Small bones like chicken bones tend to do this most, but even a bigger bone can break apart when the dog chews on it. The dog can choke on the little pieces, or it can swallow then and get injured as sharp edges poke into the insides of the dog.

2) Dogs can get very aggressive with them. They will be possessive of them and often growl or get angry if you try to take them away.

3) Bones can lead to levels of calcium and phosphorous in the dog's body that are unhealthy. It is possible for them to be too high, and if they are it will keep the dog from absorbing other nutrients it needs.

There is a very detailed discussion about this by several different vets here, including people who have experience with wolves. Some think it is perfectly fine - but only with certain kinds of bones. Others do not think it is a good idea. I would err on the safe side, because there is no reason your dog needs a bone as opposed to other chew toys of some kind.

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