What is feline chlamydia?

Chlamydia in cats is a disease caused by bacteria. There are a lot of varieties, but with the cat version it can generally only affect other cats. People or dogs have only gotten it in very rare cases, and even those are not certain. It is caused by contact between cats. It is thus most common in multiple cat houses or with people who allow their cats outdoors. Kittens get it at a much higher rate due to their undeveloped immune systems.


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What are the symptoms?

The symptoms in cats generally involve their eyes. They develop infection and swelling of the membranes that cover their eye. The eyes will redden and may be partially closed from the swelling. Usually there will be eye discharge as well. The cat may sneeze frequently and begin to run fevers as well. (See how to take a cat's temperature).

You should also know that other infections can cause the same eye problems. Injuries to the cat's eye or a number of other eye infections can cause the same symptoms. Your vet will need to test to make sure it's feline chlamydia.

What is the treatment?

 Because it's caused by bacteria, antibiotics are very effective against it. If your kitten has not gotten it yet, or if you're worried about otherwise healthy cats, there is a vaccine for it that will stop them from getting most versions of chlamydia.


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