What are the symptoms of feline diabetes?

Diabetes in cats isn't as common as it is in humans, but it still exists. About 1 in 400 cats will have it - and overweight cats tend to be more at risk than others. In cats, it is a condition where the cat's pancreas can't produce enough insulin, which is a hormone in the cat's body that it needs to metabolize its food properly. The symptoms are hard to tell exactly if you're not a vet - vets will measure blood sugar levels and urine sugar levels, and stress can often cause similar symptoms.


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The symptoms you can look for are eating more and yet losing weight, poor skin and poor fur coats, liver problems, and general sickness (diabetic cats will often get bacterial infections more easily). If you see any of these symptoms, you need to go get the cat treated. If you don't, the disease will get progressively worse and the cat will ultimately die from it. Balanced blood sugar levels are essential to health, and just like with humans a cat can't live without them. If your vet diagnoses the cat with diabetes, it can still live a long and healthy life. You can view additional information here on how to deal with diabetes once your cat is diagnosed.

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