What is feline hepatitis?

Hepatitis basically just means that for some reason, the liver of the cat has been inflamed. There are a lot of reasons that this inflammation could happen - the liver is an organ that processes wastes and toxins that get into the bloodstream of the cat. When those build up for some reason, it causes problems and can lead to hepatitis of the liver.

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A few of the more common causes:

1) Feline Fatty Liver disease - A condition that happens when an obese cat suddenly stops eating, which causes fat to build up in the liver and stop it from functioning properly.

2) Feline Infectious Peritonitis - This is a very serious illness in cats that is nearly always fatal. It causes many organs in the cat to fail, among them the liver, and hepatitis can be a side effect.

3) Liver infections - If a cat's liver gets infected, it can cause hepatitis because of the way the cat's body reacts to the infection. The cat will send lots of white blood cells to the liver to fight off the infection, and they will tend to concentrate there especially around the bile ducts. That interferes with the liver's functioning. Antibiotics are usually prescribed if it's bacteria, but there can be other causes such as fungus.

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