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If your dog or cat has fleas, chances are you're going to end up with a flea bite or two. This is the biggest problem people have with fleas - flea bites on humans are annoying, and while the health risks are bigger for your pet than for you, they can still transmit other parasites such as worms. You'll want to get rid of them, as that's the only long term solution for the problem.


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     First and foremost, what you need to do is control the flea problem on your pet. There are lots of good medicines you can use to do this - Frontline and Advantage are the primary ones recommended by vets, but there are some others as well like Program and Revolution. Flea collars often just don't cut it anymore to get rid of a flea problem, especially if your animal goes outdoors often - it's not enough to cut off the flea life cycle if you've got an endless stream of new fleas. You'll need to administer these medicines monthly, although some of them such as Frontline can go a little longer.

    So what can you do about your itching issues in the interim? It will take some time for these products to work, at least as far as you are concerned - while Advantage is probably the most rapid (it causes neural damage to the fleas that stops them from biting in a few minutes), if you've got a full blown flea infestation that's not going to help you all that much. The medicines can only affect fleas as they get on your pet and try to bite it - you've probably got hundreds more leaping around your house or wherever your pet hangs out. So, it will be awhile before they all get taken care off. You should wear socks around the house if you've got a serious issue - get long ones that go up as far as possible. Fleas tend to concentrate around the ankles, because they can only jump up around two feet, and they live on the ground (usually in the carpet). Socks will stop a good portion of the biting. You should also wash your bedding several times in hot water - your pet probably goes around there often enough to get some fleas in it. Socks won't do anything for fleas while you sleep - they'll bite you anywhere they get at, so you'll need to wash frequently until the flea medicine starts to actually kick in.

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