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One of the ways that people have to deal with fleas is by using flea collars. These can be o.k., but they really aren't a very effective solution to fleas anymore. The reason is that they aren't good for much beyond killing the eggs. If you've got adult fleas, most of them aren't strong enough to actually kill them off. You're probably better off getting an actual flea medicine for your pet, but if you don't have fleas yet, it can't hurt to get the collar as a preventative measure against fleas.


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There is one thing that I strongly recommend flea collars for - vacuuming. It sounds weird, but they are a great way to make vacuuming an effective tool for getting rid of adult fleas. If you get one and cut it up into pieces, throw one of the pieces into the vacuum bag. Normally when you vacuum, the fleas can just hop out of the bag again, so you'll have to throw the bag away every single time. With a piece of the collar in there, though, the poisons will be pretty concentrated and the fleas won't get out for awhile. It's usually enough to kill them or cause pretty severe damage. The other uses? There are herbal flea collars which are touted as a good way to get rid of fleas without chemicals (thought I'm skeptical about the effectiveness). The others, I'm just not so sure - I've never had much luck with them on my pets and the medicines seem to be the way to go.


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