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If you're interested in getting rid of fleas without using a flea medicine, you've got limited options. You'll be able to drastically reduce the number of fleas, but it's very hard to get rid of them entirely. One of the good solutions, however, is regular grooming of your pet. It doesn't cost anything, it gives you quality time with your pet, and it will let you kill fleas yourself as you find them in your pet's fur. What "grooming" means will depend on your pet. For some, you'll need to actually trim the fur - if they've got a very thick coat of fur (especially some breeds of dog) it will be very hard to comb for fleas otherwise. Because people usually get flea problems during the summer, it's a good idea to trim it anyway just so the animal is more comfortable. With cats, this probably isn't an issue because of the natural shedding process. Combing will be all you need to do - it will take away all the loose fur with it.


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If you've decided you want to groom your pet, you'll want to get a comb to do it. You can get them fairly cheaply - it's usually only a couple of bucks. Here are a few different kinds for you to take a look at:

Generic Flea Comb - There are about a dozen of these different brands and I can't find any noticeable difference between them. Basically, they're just fine-toothed combs. It needs to have more teeth than a regular come to actually be able to catch any of the fleas on it. If you get something like this, you'll basically be able to pull the fleas out of the fur as you comb - you'll have to grab them when you do. You'll want to keep something handy to drop them in - a little jar of alcohol or something similar is a good idea. Just drop them in, they die.

Flea Zapper Comb - This looks extremely cool just as a person who likes gadgets. It is supposed to shock the fleas as you comb your pet with mild electrical current that only affects the flea. I haven't been able to find any specific reviews of it online, but it looks like a neat thing to try. There is also another version of the same thing from Lentek.

Rotating Flea Comb - This is another neat product - basically just several different versions of the teeth that you can rotate for different kinds of fur and different parts of the dog or cat. That can make it a little easier - sometimes you need multiple combs, a brush, etc., and this lets you do it with just one.

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