What's a good flea dip?

Flea dips are basically chemical solutions that you mix with water to dilute. Then, you dip the pet in them according to the instructions, and it will kill off a large number of the fleas. You should look for dips that have pyrethrin in them as the flea-killing ingredient. They can give you some immediate relief, but they don't work as your sole flea control method. Why? Because they don't kill all the adult fleas, and they don't get at the eggs that will be lying around your house.


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You can get "Flea and Tick Dip" online here for $13.61.

It's designed for fleas, ticks, lice, and ear mites.

Zema Flea Dip for Dogs is an option for your dog (don't use dips made only for dogs on cats or vice versa). It is available online here for $13.99.

Finally, there is Hartz Dip for Cats and Dogs. It costs $7 and kills fleas and ticks, and you can get it online here.

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