What are nematodes, and how do they kill fleas?

Nematodes are one of the preferred natural ways of killing fleas. They are great for getting rid of infestations in your yard. Basically, they're little worms that kill bugs. They are microscopic, and they can't live in people because our body temperature is too high. They burrow into bugs, mainly earth-dwelling ones, and kill them as part of their life cycle. They also don't damage your plants or anything else in your yard, and they naturally occur in most parts of the world. You can order them online and put a higher concentration in your yard, and it will reduce the population of fleas there without relying on any chemicals.


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7 Million Count Beneficial Nematodes

This one costs about $20 and is online here.

There is also a product called Flea Control Nematodes available online here. It's the same price, and I'm not sure if there's any difference in the worms, but it does claim to be targeted at fleas.

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