How to deal with Flea problems on your Kitten

Kittens can be a unique problem when you're trying to deal with fleas. This is mainly because they are still too young to use flea medicine on - until an animal is seven to eight weeks old, you won't be able to use any flea control products on your kitten. If you've got flea issues, you've got a couple of things you can go ahead and do while you wait for it to get old enough to use an actual flea control product.


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First, go ahead and pick a flea medicine and get it coming to you. If you order it over the Internet, it will take a week or so to get it anyway, and you'll want to use it whenever your kitten is old enough. I recommend taking a look at Frontline, Advantage, and Program, but you can talk to your vet as well about which one is best for your kitten. Make sure to adhere to the age limits of the one you buy - they are each different, and it's not a good idea to risk using it earlier. If you aren't sure how old your kitten is, ask your vet, and play it safe by waiting a week or two after how old you think they are. With fleas, you don't want them getting developmental problems by giving them chemicals too early. While you're waiting, you can do a few things. First, give your kitten a flea bath. Don't use any chemicals - use baby shampoo. It won't hurt them, and it will stick to the fleas and let you get them out of the fur. Water will drown the fleas and make them rush to the head. Since a kitten is pretty small, you'll need to look through the fur and try to pick off fleas as you see them. This won't solve all your problems - kittens have adult fleas, but the eggs will still be around your house, and they'll just come back in a few weeks. Vacuum, and wash the bedding that your kitten sleeps in every day or two in hot water. You can keep the flea problem down this way until your kitten is old enough to take flea medicine - then most brands will kill off the problem for awhile, as long as it's an indoor cat. Also think about taking a look at natural flea control methods until you can use the medicine.

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