What is flea powder?

Flea powder is just stuff that you dust into your carpet and then vacuum up after a few days or a week. There are a couple of different chemicals used in them - boric acid and pyrethrin being the main ones, and both of them work pretty well. Most flea powders are safe to use and walk on the carpet afterward. The idea is to kill the flea eggs and flea larva that are in the carpet and that you can't really get at otherwise. They do a pretty effective job of that, and most of them kill other bugs as well - the only problem is that there will often be flea eggs in other places such as beds, and it doesn't do anything about the fleas on your pet. You will need to get other products to take care of that. Either flea medicine or flea dips are good options.


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First Defense Flea Treatment is about $14 or so - you can get it here online:

Another good one is Zema Flea and Tick Powder - it's a little cheaper, about $6. You can get it online here.

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