What's a good flea trap?

Flea traps are one way of dealing with fleas. They aren't going to kill off all of them, as they can only deal with adults. The basic premise is to attract the fleas somehow to jump into the trap, falling into glue or something else that will catch them and kill them. I recommend these mainly for if you're looking for natural, non-chemical ways of killing off flea problems. You will have to do more than just use them to get rid of your problem, because if you don't you won't be doing anything about the flea eggs, which will just hatch and start the problem anew. If you want to use them, be sure to go to our page on natural flea control methods and try a few other things at the same time.


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A few of the better ones:

The Flea Trap - A pretty sophisticated device that is better than most regular bug traps that just have a pad of glue. This one has a heat/light device that attracts adult fleas, who look for the warmth as a potential blood supply. It has a grid, and fleas that jump on it will fall through onto a glue trap - but that keeps you or your pet from brushing against the glue, so you can leave it out in the open. You can get it here online. The pads last around 3 months, and you can get replacement pads here online.

Ultimate Flea Trap - This device by Victor is also heat based, and it attracts fleas up to about 30 feet away using a small heat lamp. The trap is designed to be open from all angles, so the fleas can get into it from any side. Once they jump in, a glue pad inside the trap sticks them to it and keeps them from getting away. You can get it online here.

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