Can a human carry fleas somewhere else?

Here's a question e-mailed in by Linda:

"I have found fleas on my dog and all over my house. I purchased Frontline for her - and am using "In Control" for the house. I go to my elderly mom's house frequently (without the dog). Can I carry the fleas with me??"


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It is definitely possible. Most of them will be on your dog, but you are food to them as well, and they are attracted to your body's warmth and will try to get on you. You'll probably notice if they actually get on your skin - they crawl around and you can usually feel them. However, they often get into your shoes or especially your socks. It might be a good idea to keep whatever pair of shoes and socks you're going to wear up on a closet shelf somewhere and only put them on once you're out the door. You can run them through the washing machine once if they've been laying around the house and that should clear any off. It might also be a good idea to wear clothes that are fresh out of the dryer, just in case - it's less likely but still possible that they'd be on them. The other worry is eggs, which could be anywhere a flea has been, but again if you are wearing freshly cleaned clothes those would get killed in the washer and dryer, too.

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