Effectiveness of Frontline as a Flea Killer

When you need to get rid of fleas, you should at least take a look at Frontline. The Frontline brand of flea control products is an excellent one, and some of these products are really useful. You'll generally have to pick just one - you don't want to inundate your pet with flea control chemicals, especially young ones (who you will often have to be careful about giving any flea control medicine to at all). Many of the Frontline products are designed specifically for younger pets, however, so it is a brand you need to take a look at if you have puppies or kittens.


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First of all, always consult your vet about any medicine or chemical you're planning on giving to or putting on your pet. It's just not worth the risk to the animal to give them something without some advice. Often this can be as simple as a phone call - many vets won't even charge you anything, and if you go by they can give you some useful fliers and make recommendations about which products they use. Frontline is a good one - as a way to kill fleas, it is easily one of the best brands. It can get around 98-99% of fleas, at least of the adults. Most of the other brands boast figures that are a little under this - 93-96%. That doesn't sound like much of a difference, but if you think about it, a single flea can lay thousands of eggs and live for as long as four months - all it takes to keep the infestation going is one.

Frontline is designed to kill fleas quickly enough after contact with your pet so that they cannot lay eggs (under 18 hours from the time they jump onto them). It takes about a day and half after fleas get on the pet and start sucking blood for them to begin laying eggs. 

Dosing Information: As with any flea control product, you need to weigh your pet first to figure out which version of Frontline to buy, because they are sold according to pet weight. The categories for dogs are: under 22 pounds, 23-44 pounds, 45-88 pounds, and 89-132 pounds. For cats, there isn't much weight variation and so there is only one product version for you to worry about.

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