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Cats tend to pick up fleas - even indoor cats will get them from time to time as they go to the vet or one sneaks in with you, and outdoor cats will have constant flea problems. The solution? Frontline Plus is a good one for when your cat has a flea problem - it is basically a drop product that you put on the cat's neck. That will give pretty effective flea control for about a month, sometimes up to two or three months. It can also get rid of ticks as well, though usually not for as long (and not as well).


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Flea control is a tough business - fleas aren't really that resilient, but the problem is they breed so rapidly that it's hard to ever get rid of them. Even if you cut off the supply in one place, you'll usually just get more from somewhere else. You can't control everyone's back yard, and fleas will be able to breed nearby even if your neighbors don't have pets. Frontline gets around this problem by targeting the cat itself. Your cat will have medicine that accumulates in the hair follicles where the fleas wander around and bite. This kills them off as they get to your pet, and that can at least get rid of the fleas in your house - they won't live long enough once they get on your pet to lay many eggs, and that's the big source of flea infestations.

For cats, if you let them outside, they can be more likely to get fleas because they often roam quite a bit further than dogs. That exposes them to more areas and thus more potential places to get fleas. The good point about Frontline as far as cats go is that it kills the adults fairly soon after they get onto your cat. That means that even if the cat is going outside, any fleas it brings back will have been exposed to the medicine and won't survive.

Frontline Plus on Indoor Cats - Explains how indoor cats get fleas, and how Frontline stops the cycle.

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