The Top Ten Most Heroic Pets

From time to time, you hear amazing stories about pets defending or saving their owners. This page is a collection of these stories - all real - in which an animal has behaved heroically, trying to save its owner or another animal. 

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10) Bell, The 911 Dialing Dog - This beagle's owner went into diabetic shock - and the dog stole his cell phone and called 911.

9) Papillon, The Baby Monitor - This dog, who was about to be given away by its owners for being too loud, barked up a storm when the family baby stopped breathing. A little CPR later, and the family never complained about barking again.

8) Dog Saves Owner From Fire - This dog saved its owner from a fire - and then gave its life trying to save the cat that started it.

7) Fire Alarm Cat - This cat scratched its owners faces until they woke up - to find that their house was on fire.

6) Riley, the September 11th Rescue Dog - Riley, a dog with the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Task Force, found twenty people in the wreckage of Ground Zero on September 11th.

5) Zoey, Snake-Killing Chihuahua - A tiny Chihuahua jumps onto a rattlesnake about to strike a baby, taking the bite itself (and surviving).

4) Hippo vs. Crocodile - A hippo charges a crocodile to try to save an Impala (an African animal similar to a deer).

3) George, Terrier vs. The Pit Bulls - A tiny Jack Russell Terrier jumps in to fight with two pit bulls who attacked the children he was walking with, and gives his life to save them.

2) The Bullfighting Bulldog - An amazing video from Spain, this dog charges a bull from nowhere to save a man who is being gored to death.

1) Pet Cockatoo Convicts Murderer - A pet cockatoo named Bird attacked a man who broke into its house and murdered its owner. At trial, the man was convicted - because he bled at the scene from bites by the bird.


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