What are housebreaking pads for pets?

Pads are a great way to get you through the toilet-training period of your puppy or kitten. They can also be used for cats and dogs if they get older and start to have accidents. Basically, they're just absorbant pads that you can lay down on the floor instead of a newspaper. They work much, much better - catching any urine accidents and keeping it off your floor. Many pet owners put them underneath the litterbox, just in case.


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Economy Housebreaking Pads are $19.95 for a pack of 100 and available online here.

These are pretty cheap, and are 22 inches by 22 inches. They're cheap enough you can just use a couple if you need more space covered.


Puppy Training Pads - These are available here for $14.95. They're training pads made specifically for puppies. These have a scent that are supposed to attract puppies to pee on them instead of the floor.

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