What is hypoallergenic dog food?

Hypoallergenic dog food isn't really a certain kind of food. What it means isn't that the food doesn't cause food allergies in dogs, but rather that it is something your dog hasn't eaten before. Food allergies in dogs are usually built up over time from eating certain foods - this means that if your dog develops a food allergy, it will be to one of the major ingredients in dog food such as chicken, beef, corn, lamb, and pork. Your dog won't have an allergy to something it hasn't been eating - so the idea behind hypoallergenic dog foods is to give them stuff that is not standard for American dog food (or dog food wherever you are).


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In the U.S., the most common kinds for dogs are duck, rabbit, salmon, and venison, with potatoes usually added in as well. The reason behind this is that these are rarely used in U.S. dog food, and your dog will not have built up an allergy to any of them. Also remember that you should not be giving your dog any other food while it is on a hypoallergenic diet. A couple of dog foods you can look at:

Nature's Variety Canine Rabbit Cans are about $64 for a case of 24 and are available online here.

This one is pretty expensive, but it's also pretty high quality. You will have to pay a bit more for it (the reason most of these foods aren't standard is because they aren't as cheap) but this is probably on the high end.


Wellness Duck and Rice Dry Chow - This is available online here for about $40 for a 26 pound bag. It's pretty simple, as described, just duck and rice with not much else. That can be very helpful if you're at the stage of trying to identify whether your dog even has a food allergy (because there is nothing else in there to trigger it).


Nature's Recipe Venison & Rice - This is the canned version, 24 cans for about $34 and available online here. It's a little cheaper than some of the other ones, and it's also specifically designed for dogs with allergies.


Nature's Recipe Hypoallergenic Dog Chow - Venison & Rice  - This is the same thing as above, but it's dry chow that comes in a 30 pound bag. It's available online here for about $37.

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