What is kennel cough in dogs?

Kennel cough is a condition that is caused by both bacteria and several viral infections. Most cases are caused by borditella bronchisepta, which is a specific kind of bacteria. It gets its name because it is very easily spread in close quarters with lots of dogs, and obviously dogs that go to kennels are prone to getting it.


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What are the symptoms?

A cough, and it sounds dry and hacking like the dog is trying to clear its throat. It may be pretty frequent and happen throughout the day. It takes about three days to a week for the coughing to happen from the time when the dog is infected. The cough lasts from one week to three weeks, but there aren't any other symptoms and the dog is otherwise healthy. Usually this is a very minor disease that clears up on its own, but it is uncomfortable for the dog and annoying to the owner. For puppies or elderly, weaker dogs, however, it is something to take more seriously.

How do dogs get kennel cough?

From other dogs. Going to the park, taking the dog to the vet, putting it in a kennel - all these are common ways your dog might get into close quarters with them. It is very hard to keep it from happening because dogs can infect other dogs even if they are healthy themselves - so you can't really tell if other dogs in the kennel have it.

What is the treatment for dogs?

You should have the dog examined by a vet. In most cases, you might give the dog cough medicines for dogs but you won't really do anything else. However, sometimes vets will want to give the dog antibiotics, because the dog could get other diseases or infections while it is ill and under the weather. It is also important to have a check-up because the cough could be caused by something else that is more serious. There are also vaccines that you can give a dog beforehand.

Can humans get it?

I have seen several sites saying this, but after searching around for a long time for something credible on the subject I have found a vet saying a definitive "no" here. So my guess is that people cannot catch this from dogs - this is generally true of most diseases for animals.

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