How to Kill Flea Infestations

Many pets get flea problems within their lifetime - all it takes is one flea in your house for you to get a serious flea problem. If you need to get rid of flea infestations, you'll need to take a look around this site. It will give you a number of good tips for trying to get rid of them and for how to deal with fleas in general - you'll usually need to adapt your flea control strategy to your specific pet situation, so you need to be armed with all the info on killing fleas.


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    There are a lot of ways available for if you find yourself with a flea problem. A lot of them are complementary - you shouldn't be using just one. You should pick one medicine or flea control product to use on your pet, and then supplement it with other measures to get fleas out of the environment your pet lives in.

    First, you need to pick a medicine. There are several big brands - Frontline, Advantage, and Program are the most popular in that order. Talk to your vet about it, and make sure your pet has no unique health problems you need to worry about. Also, be sure you aren't giving it to a pet that is too young for it - 8 weeks is the rough age for when you can start using them, but adhere to the dates on the package because they differ depending on the medicine. Flea medicine is important because your pet will usually pick up a new stream of fleas as it goes outside or has contact with other animals - if you don't kill the flea then, they'll just fill up your house and breed again.

    Second, you need to do things around the house or yard. Vacuum regularly, and put a cut-up bit of flea collar in the bag to get rid of them as they get in there. Wash your pet's bed or where it sleeps, and do it often - you'll want to kill the eggs that fall off your pet or get laid there. Look into products that work on fleas in the yard, because that is a big source of "new" fleas once you get rid of the ones in your house - there are even some effective natural ones, such as soil made of little fossils that cut up the fleas and cause them to essentially bleed to death.

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