How do I stop a kitten from biting?

Kittens will naturally bite, especially during playing sessions. It can be troublesome because when kittens are younger, they usually haven't figured out how to do it gently. Older cats will generally have learned to nip so that they don't break the skin, but kittens don't know enough to be able to gauge this yet. It's not that difficult to train them, however.


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Just remember to treat the injury properly if you get a cat bite.

If your kitten is biting when playing with you, it's not that hard to socialize them not to do it. Start a playing session, and decide beforehand whether you want to try to train them not to bite at all or just not to bite hard (you'll find that nipping isn't a problem with most cats when they're adults, and they'll usually only do it as a "go away" when they're in a bad mood). Whenever the kitten bites in a way that is inappropriate, make a loud "OUCH" noise and spray the kitten with a water bottle. Stop playing for a few minutes and then start over if the kitten is still willing. For most kittens it doesn't take much for them to learn that it's the biting that is causing them to get sprayed, and they'll stop doing it.

If the kitten is just biting in general, you should be careful to make sure that you're not at fault. Sometimes kittens and cats bite because they have sensitive spots that you are brushing against or because you are handling them too roughly. Watch your kitten for awhile when it bites and see if it is doing it in response to you touching a certain spot. Ear mites can be a big cause of this as well, as can other illnesses, so if one part of the kitten is sore or sensitive you should take them to a vet. Also watch for the mouth, paws, tail, ears, and belly. All of those are particularly sensitive spots, and some cats just don't like to be touched on them - I have a cat that used start biting every time the bottom of her paws were touched. She just didn't like it. She gradually got more used to it as I kept gently petting her there and doesn't bite anymore.

If the kitten just seems to bite because it's in a bad mood, then you will have to use the "OUCH" method as well as spraying the cat if you happen to have a water bottle handy when they bite. Don't run off to get it, though, because they need to be punished immediately. If you don't have the water bottle, clap your hands together and make a loud, sudden noise at the cat. They don't like that much either. Many male cats will get aggressive as they get older, so you should also make sure your cat has been neutered if it is starting to bite. 

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