Why is my kitten crying?

If you have a young kitten, this is generally a sign that something is wrong, and not a behavioral thing. Most healthy kittens will only cry when they are hungry, and otherwise they spend most of their time sleeping and eating. You should take the kitten to the vet to have tests done - kittens are much more vulnerable to diseases because their immune systems are not developed. They often catch things from their mother, who may expose them to things that she has no problem fighting off.


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If your kitten is more than a month old, then the crying may just be a social thing. When is it happening? If it's at nighttime, when you're trying to sleep and not paying attention to it, or if it's because you won't play with it, then it is a social issue. The kitten wants attention - young cats are social animals, and if they are alone and have no littermates they will want to play with you. These issues can be solved by getting another kitten, if you're up for that, or by training by disciplining your cat. You can also try to tire the kitten out during the day, especially before you go to bed. Cats sleep most of the time anyway - if you schedule it so that you play with the kitten until it tires out an hour or two before you're going to bed, it will usually go to sleep too.

If your kitten is older and it's just crying generally, it may be in pain. Take it to the vet for a thorough checkup.

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