What's a laser cat toy?

Toy lasers for cats are basically just laser pointers, only they're a little less powerful than some of the version made for other purposes. You still can't just point it directly at the cat's eyes, though. It's not going to hurt them if it flashes over the eyes, but if it sits and stares into the pointer it can cause damage. A lot of cats really like playing with these - they'll chase after the little dot of light and have a great time. The problems people report: some cats figure out the trick and realize the light is coming from you. Some animals also start chasing after light spots in general once you teach them it's fun.


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The Miracle Beam Laser Pet Toy is $5.95 and is available online here.

This is a laser toy made for both cats and dogs. It comes on a keychain, and they claim other pets like birds and even reptiles can get into it.

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