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This page has information on the basics of a number of different pet medications. If you're looking for general medical information or have a question about your dog or cat, go to the Pet Questions Page for answers. You should not be trying to use these pages to self-medicate your pet - they can help you understand how your vet is treating your pet and what side effects to watch out for, but it is a BAD IDEA to try to do it yourself, and you probably can't anyway because many of these require vet approval to buy.


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Pet Medications

The following medications are listed alphabetically, and each has a page with further information on the particular medication, what the side effects for your pet can be, and how they work against particular diseases.


Allergy Medicines for Pets:


Atarax - An antihistamine made for people, but used in both cats and dogs.

Atopica - An immunosuppressant that is used in dogs, mainly for skin conditions.

Hydroxyzine - Another name for Atarax.


Antibiotics for Pets:


Albon - An antibiotic used in both dogs and cats for bacterial infections.

Amoxi - An antibiotic that comes in both tabs and drops, it is only for cats.

Antirobe - An antibiotic used in both dogs and cats for bacterial infections.

Baytril - An antibiotic used in cats, dogs, and livestock for bacterial infections.


Arthritis Medications and Supplements:


Adequan - A series of injections used for both dogs and cats with arthritis.

Arthogen - A nutritional supplement used in both dogs and cats.

Arthramine - A nutritional supplement, made only for dogs.

Arthrimaxx - A nutritional supplement used in both dogs and cats.

Cartiflex - A nutritional supplement for dogs, now called Palaflex.

Chondroflex - A nutritional supplement used in both dogs and cats.

Cosequin DS - A drug used for both dogs and cats.

Deracoxib - The generic name for the drug Deramaxx, used only in dogs.

Deramaxx - A pain medication used only on dogs.

Duralactin - A milk-based nutritional supplement for both dogs and cats.

Glycoflex - A joint supplement for dogs.

Joint Max DS - A nutritional arthritis supplement for dogs and cats.

Metacam - An anti-inflammatory drug for osteoarthritis in pets.

Palaflex - A nutritional supplement for dogs.

Restor-A-Flex - A nutritional arthritis supplement for both cats and dogs.

Rimadyl - An anti-inflammatory drug used mainly on dogs, but sometimes on cats.

Synovi G3 - A nutritional supplement used on both dogs and cats.

Zubrin - An anti-inflammatory drug made for arthritis in dogs.


Bladder Stones Med:


Ammonil - A urine acidifier that helps break up bladder stones, for both dogs and cats.


Cushing's Disease Meds:


Anipryl - A medication for dogs that is used on Cushings.

Ketoconazole - The generic drug on which Nizoral is based.

Lysodren - A medication mainly for dogs that have Cushings.

Nizoral - A medication used on both dogs and cats for Cushing's, but it has greater risks of side effects.




Drontal Plus - A highly effective dewormer for both cats and dogs that kills all kinds of worms.

Evict DS Wormer - A medicine based on pyrantel pamoate for deworming dogs.

Ketoconazole - The generic drug of which Nizoral is a brand name.

Nemex 2 Wormer - A medicine for roundworms and hookworms in dogs and puppies.

Nizoral - An antifungal drug used in both dogs and cats, but it is older, risks more side effects, and other medications are generally preferred to it.

Panacur - A prescription dewormer primarily for dogs.

Tapeworm Tabs - A little tablet that kills tapeworms in both dogs and cats.




Chlorihexiderm Flush - An all-purpose disinfectant used to clean wounds, shampoo the cat, or as an ear cleaner.

Nolvasan - Another all-purpose disinfectant that works against bacterial and fungal infections.


Diarrhea Medications:


Amforal - A dog-only medication that kills off bacterial causes of diarrhea.


Digestive Problems:


Acetylator - A dietary supplement used to enhance digestion and bowel health in both cats and dogs.

Cat Lax - A feline laxative that is made from cod liver oil.

Ear Infections:

Baytril Otic - A combination of an antibiotic and antifungal medications that is used on ear infections in pets.


Ear Mite Medications:

Acarexx - An ivermectin-based form of ear drops that kills ear mites, but it is only for cats.




Cat Lax - A feline laxative that is also used as a hairball remedy.


Heart Medications:


Atenolol - A beta blocker that lowers blood pressure and heart rate and reduces stress on the heart.


Heartworm Medications:


Heartgard Plus - A heartworm medication used in both dogs and cats.

Interceptor - A heartworm medicine that damages the nerves of worms, used in both cats and dogs.

Iverhart Plus - A monthly heartworm preventative for dogs.


Insect Repellant:


Pet Guard Gel - A mosquito, fly, and gnat repellant for pets.

Mange Treatments:


Goodwinol Ointment - An ointment that kills mites that cause mange.


Senility Medications:


Anipryl - A medication for dogs that has had some success in reducing age-related cognitive problems.


Skin Infections / Dermatitis:


Malaseb - A topical skin cream / shampoo that you apply to dogs and cats with fungal or bacterial skin issues.

Kerasolv Gel - A skin cream used for excess keratin problems (a problem with foot pads in most cases).

Oxydex Gel - A gel that is used on acne and pyoderma.


Tick Medicines:


K-9 Advantix - A dog-only medicine that kills fleas and ticks.

ProTICall - An insecticide for dogs only that kills ticks.




Granulex Spray - A spray for both cats and dogs that is designed to promote healing by getting rid of dead tissues in wounds.


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