What are pet stairs?

Pet stairs are a way for your pet to continue going up to spots it likes to sit at even as it gets older. Many pets, as they age, will not be able to move around as well. For smaller pets especially, it can cause a huge frustration for the pet because your cat or dog will not be able to jump up to the heights it used to be able to. Your pet may have trouble getting onto the couch, the bed, or other places it likes to sleep. Most pet owners know that this is a very important quality of life issue - it sounds trivial, but for an older pet that has spent its entire life sleeping in your bed with you or laying in your lap as you watch television, it is very stressful to no longer be able to get up where it wants to go. Some pets may even injure themselves by trying to jump to heights they no longer can. Pet stairs solve this problem and let your pet go where it wants to even if it can't move very well anymore.


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Solid Slide Stairs are about $90 and are available online here.

This is about two feet high, and is basically a little staircase covered in carpet. That makes it easier to blend it in with your carpet and also pads the stairs so that the pet does not injure itself on them.


Wood Trimmed Stairs - This is more expensive, and you're mainly paying for it to look good. They range from two to four steps, and are available online here for about $250. They go from about a foot and a half to two and a half feet tall.


Foam Animal Stairs - This is a cheaper, foam version of a staircase that is great for if you have a dog or cat that you think may still want to play rough. It is much harder for them to injure themselves jumping around or running into it, because it is softer foam and not wood. It is a little ugly though. They're available here online for about $45.


Portable Stairs - This is a much lighter version of the others that is designed to be used either in your house or getting a dog into your car. You can carry it around very easily, which is good if you are going to be wanting to move it from place to place or take the dog to the park. You can get them online here for about $130. 

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