What are pet steps or pet staircases?

Pet steps, also called pet staircases, are little portable staircases that are made for pets to walk up. These are primarily designed for older pets. Dogs and cats will have trouble moving around as much as they age, but they may still need to get up to spots that are several feet high. For example, if you have a pet that has traditionally slept on your bed, it may be very frustrating for the pet if it can no longer make the jump to get up there. Cats may have trouble getting up to favored windowsills or other spots. Dogs may need a staircase to help get them into a bathtub. These are very useful to have around, and they will keep your cat or dog enjoying itself in old age just as it did when it was younger.


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Solid Slide Pet Steps are about $90 and are available online here.

This is a carpeted staircase for your dog or cat that is about two feet high. It's pretty generic looking so it will fit in with many kinds of carpet.


Wood Trimmed Steps - These are a fancier version for people who are worried about having pet staircases that make the house look ugly. They range from two to four steps, and are available online here for about $250. They go from about a foot and a half to two and a half feet tall.


Foam Pet Steps - This is a cheaper, basic version that is great for if you have a dog or cat that you think may be rougher with it. The other plus: it is much harder for them to injure themselves jumping around, because it is softer foam and not wood. It is a little ugly though. They're available here online for about $45.


Portable Steps - If you need to take your pet in the car, these ultralight pet steps are a good idea because you can use them inside and then just take them out to help the pet get into the car as you travel. They hold pets up to 250 pounds, but they're light enough to carry around easily. You can get them online here for about $130. 

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