Pill Pockets

If you've ever had problems giving pills to your cat or dog, you know the extreme difficulty you can have if the pet doesn't want to take a pill. Trying to force a pill down the throat of a wriggling, scratching Fluffy is nearly impossible for many pet owners. Luckily, there's an easy way to deal with this now - Pill Pockets. This is a great idea that works really well - essentially, it's just a treat with a hole in it. You stick the pill in - Fluffy thinks it's a treat and swallows the whole thing. Everybody's happy and there's no struggle.


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For Cats they cost $4.29 and are available online here. The cat ones just come in one size (not an error, it's just that most cat pills are only one size. Dog pills vary a lot more.)

For Dogs - Small Pills run $4.69 and are available online here.

For Dogs - Medium/Large Pills run $5.99 and are available online here.

For Dogs - Extra Large Pills run $5.99 and are available online here.

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