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Program is one other option for discount flea control for your pets. It's unlike many of the other products out there on the market in the sense that it mainly targets the ability of fleas to lay eggs. In essence, it kills off their capacity to reproduce, gradually killing off all the fleas as well. This works well when there is a "limited population" of fleas - i.e., you have some fleas in your house but you don't expect to be getting any more regularly from outside.


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         Program comes in the form of a pill or liquid that the animals ingest monthly, or a twice yearly injection. Your cat or dog will then let some of the drug out through their pores over the course of the month, which then gets absorbed by the fleas crawling around on your animal. The flea will continue to lay eggs, but the little "baby" flea inside the egg will not develop a tooth it needs to get out - this ends up cutting off the flea life cycle. However, it doesn't kill the adults, so you might need to do something else in order to get rid of them before they naturally die off in a month or two (baths, vacuuming, etc.). This product is mainly for people who are concerned about safety for their kids or people who come in contact with the pet - it is much less likely to get on your children, and it's not an "insecticide" so it doesn't cause the same chemical problems if you do.

However, because Program doesn't actually kill the fleas, if your dog or cat goes outside frequently, it will likely just pick up a fresh new batch of them. Rendering them incapable of reproducing won't really get rid of your problem if you have a flea-infested yard. There are other things you can do about that, though, so you might consider this product anyway if your pet only goes outside in a limited area that you can control. If you live in an apartment, that is not usually a concern, and this could be an ideal option.

Dosing Information: You'll need to weigh your pets before buying any flea control product to know which dose to get. For Program, the weight groups are as follows: For dogs, under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-45 pounds 46-90 pounds. For cats, under 10 pounds and 11-20 pounds.

Why is Program potentially safer than a flea killer? - Reasons why you might want to use Program to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Why would I want to prevent fleas with Program flea medicine instead of killing the adults? - Information on the "preventative" strategy that you can implement with Program.

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