This is a newer flea medicine that has so far been introduced only for cats in the United States, but was recently approved for dogs as well. It is applied to the shoulderblades of the cat and directly on the skin. ProMeris is made by a company called Fort Dodge Animal Health. It uses an ingredient called metaflumizone, which is a new approach that has not been used in flea medicine before. It works by damaging the nerves of fleas, preventing signals from properly going through their nervous system. This results in paralysis or death. You can only get it through a vet, and cannot buy it online.


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The European Medicines Agency has also approved it for cats and has tested it for effectiveness and side effects in a number of breeds of cat. They found that it was effective (killing fleas in about 24 hours and lasting for six weeks). About half of the animals tested were completely free of fleas, with others showing up to 95% reductions. As far as side effects, it sometimes caused oily fur or clumping at the application site and salivation for a short time if the cat manages to lick any of it. They did recommend, however, that you not give it to a kitten under 8 weeks old or a cat that is sick or has recently been sick.

For dogs, it can cause the same side effects in cats and also lethargy, depression, or shallow breathing in a small number of animals. In evaluating the product, the EMA concluded that it had lower effectiveness rates as compared to other flea medicines, but had benefits in that it had lower toxicity rates and could be used around children. They also found that it was effective against ticks as well as fleas in dogs.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available. It's a relatively new drug, so go over it with your vet before using it and make sure it's the right thing for your pet.

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