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Revolution flea medicine is one of the major brands out there on the market. It's a good product - it's a spot application design that works for about a month, killing off adult fleas and stopping the eggs from hatching for that period. That's long enough to get rid of most flea infestations because the flea life cycle is only about 3-4 weeks - if the eggs don't hatch, then there aren't any adults running around to keep the next generation going. You apply the medicine to dry fur, then wait about two hours before you can wash it off the dog or cat. That's one of the great parts about Revolution - you can use it easily even if you've got kids that will be trying to pet and handle your animal. Just put them to bed a few hours early - then they won't be trying to touch the pet if you're worried about toxicity of the flea medicine.


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There's also a neat color-coded system with revolution flea that lets you adjust the dosage depending on your pet's weight. This is great for dogs, who often have a lot of trouble with getting the right amount of flea medicine if they're really big. Essentially, Revolution flea comes in doses based on weight, and you can combine them safely until you get to the weight of your dog. So you just add the amount in pounds that your animal weighs and give it that amount - mauve is up to five pounds, blue is 5-10 pounds, brown is 10-20 pounds, red is 20-40 pounds, and teal is 40-85 pounds. So if your dog is 95 pounds, you can give it a teal and a blue and get the right amount. You can't use it if the animal is younger than 6 weeks, but that's a pretty low age as flea control products go.

The other good part about using Revolution is that it prevents heartworms as well as killing fleas, so you only have to use one product. For animals that have had heartworm problems, that's a big plus - using only one medication is ideal if you can. You will have to watch for stomach problems, though - about 1% of animals that use it have side effects, usually limited to vomiting, and Pfizer has released some testing showing that the problems never became fatal, but you definitely should talk to your vet if you see any stomach problems. It's good in general with a flea medicine to be on guard - it may only be a tiny percentage of pets that have problems, but you don't want your pet to be one of them.


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