What's a good scratching post for my cat?

For cats who aren't declawed, you need something to occupy them. A scratching post is perfect for this - it saves both the furniture and your sanity. There are a number of good ones you can get online, and they're cheap enough that it's better to just buy one than to try to make one. Some people have just nailed a vertical piece of wood to a base, but that can result in splinters and injuries to the cat.


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The Deluxe Sisal Scratching Post runs $29.99 and is available online here.

This one is a good, basic design that is made of pretty sturdy materials that will keep the cat from shredding it through too easily. It's carpeted so there are no hard edges for the wood to injure the cat if it runs into it or scratches at it.


You should also take a look at wall-mounted scratching posts. This one is available here for $29.95. These can be a GREAT idea. Why? Because many times your cat has already gotten used to scratching at a particular spot. Most people go to buy one because a piece of furniture or part of the wall is getting damaged. If your cat is dead set on scratching there, you can just install this in the spot where your cat was going at it. He won't notice the difference, and you don't have to try to train him to scratch in an entirely different place.


If you want to go all out, you can get one that comes as part of a playcenter. There's all kinds of stuff for your cat to go nuts doing on these, and you don't have to worry about whether it gets scratched up. This one is available online for $179.00. The poles are covered in sisal, a material that is durable and can withstand quite a bit of claw-sharpening.

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