Can a cat be in heat if it's already been spayed?

If the spaying was done properly, no, that's not possible. There are a few possibilities here:

1) The vet totally screwed up somehow. Maybe they had a record problem, maybe they only took out one ovary. Through sheer incompetence they did not spay the cat.


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2) The vet missed some of the ovarian tissue. This is more likely. It can cause a cat to still go into heat, but this is not something that happens often.

3) The cat isn't really in heat. Some diseases can mimic the symptoms of heat. Urinary tract infections in cats can cause similar symptoms.

4) It's a behavior problem stemming from learning to act that way before you got the cat spayed. The cat may not actually be in heat, but may just be doing stuff it learned to do while it was. If so, you need to discipline your cat not to do this.

In any event, it's best to take your cat back to the vet to check.

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