What is stud tail in cats?

Stud tail is a condition that is primarily found in male cats, and usually when the male hasn't been neutered. However, it can happen to any cat, regardless of sex. It is very similar to acne. Basically, the cat's hormones are causing greasy wax to come out of the glands on the tail. Mainly male hormones cause this (which is why male, un-neutered cats are the ones who get it most often). The glands are called the sebaceous glands.


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The symptoms of stud tail include loss of hair on the tail or thinning hair along with black pigmentation on the cat's skin along the tail. The fur will also get matted along the tail because of the greasy secretions.

What is the treatment?

First, you can get your cat neutered if it isn't already. That will usually solve the problem. Second, if that's not an option or it's neutered or female, then you will need to regularly wash the cat's tail and use shampoo on it. After bathing it, groom it with a comb to clear out any junk that's there. You should also clip the hair on the tail and shorten it if your cat has a longer coat. Talk to your vet about it, as there are specific creams designed to deal with it (Jerob Pre-Cleaning Creme has been recommended for this purpose, it's designed to get rid of grease before you wash the cat). There are some treatments you can use that involve hormones, but that is usually only used in extreme cases.

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