What kind of cat should I adopt?

You've got a lot of decisions you can make if you're deciding whether to get a cat and what kind. Cats make great pets - they're friendly, and they're independent enough that you don't have to be paying attention to them all the time. Often they're happy just to sit around in the same room as you - but they'll still love to be petted and get attention from you.


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You've got a couple of choices about what kind of cat to get. First, do you want male or female? This ultimately won't make much of a difference as long as you get them neutered. Male cats will be a little bigger, but in terms of personalities one is not nicer than the other in general. Other than that, it's just your own personal preference. If you don't neuter them, each will have their own problems. Males will get very aggressive, will fight with other cats, and will pee all over everything to mark their territory. Females will go into heat, and will often wake you up at night yelping at cats they see outside the window or door. The lesson: it's best to just get them neutered.

In terms of breed, unless you go through a breeder you aren't going to get a purebred. Very few cats are purebreds - it's only a tiny percentage. You'll have to pay more, but you can get a specific kind or look that way. Breeds will have their own unique look, but they also have different personalities and behaviors that can vary dramatically. You can go check out a list of cat breeds with pictures on PetSmart's site here. Those pages have some detailed information on what the different breeds will be like as pets.

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