What do you do when a cat goes in heat?

First of all, you will probably just have to suck it up for the next five or six days and ride it out. There is really nothing you can do while your cat is actually in heat other than keeping it indoors - if you let it out, it is going to wander around trying to find a male cat, and it is likely to get pregnant. Your cat will likely engage in a number of bad behaviors during this period - and there isn't much you can do about that, either, as it is hormonal. No amount of training or punishment is going to stop it.


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What you should do is get your cat spayed at the soonest opportunity. When the cat is no longer in her cycle, take her to the vet and get it done. You probably shouldn't get her spayed while she is actually in heat. Some vets will do it, some won't - but it is generally riskier. Unless you are a professional breeder, there is no reason not to get it done.

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