Why do cats hide?

Cats may hide for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's because they're afraid of something - my cat heads under the bed during a thunderstorm or when strangers come into the house. Often the cat is just looking for a good place to nap. Cats are notorious for being able to find the most comfortable spots to sleep, and they may not really be hiding, they just have decided that they like to sleep in a particular spot. Other times the cat is exploring or playing around, as cats will often try to get into cabinets or boxes for fun.


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Sometimes you do need to worry about a cat hiding, however. If your cat suddenly has started to hide from you and wasn't doing it before, it could well be sick. Cats that are sick or ill will hide instinctively - they are in a weakened state and would be more vulnerable to predators in the wild. If your cat is hiding for no apparent reason and won't come out, or if it returns to that spot after you physically remove it, take it to the vet. It can be a sign of very serious illness.

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