Why do cats meow?

Cats meow and vocalize for the same reasons we talk - as a way to communicate. They can make a number of different sounds and variations of the basic "meow" noise, but there isn't any consistent language or meaning for a Why do I still have fleas?particular noise. Vocalization in cats is much higher when they live with people than in the wild. In fact, many feral cats rarely meow by comparison to house cats. The reason is that cats that live with people learn that meows are a way to get what they want - and they also mimic their owners, who are frequently talking either to others or to the cat itself.


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What does my cat's meow mean?

Cats are generally trying to communicate with you when they meow. A lot of times it's very easy to tell why they are doing it because they will be pretty clear about what they want. A cat standing next to a door meowing usually wants it opened. Cats that are hungry will often meow by the food bowls, or will meow at you and run over near them. If a cat is meowing because it is in pain, you will be able to tell from the way it sounds - it will be pretty clear that the cat is hurting.

Sometimes cats meow just because they want attention. They will usually learn that meowing causes you to go pay attention to them or pet them, and often cats just start doing it because they want you to pet them a little.

Cats also meow when they are courting another cat or when they see another cat outside. It sounds more like long, drawn out moaning than a regular meow (when I was a kid, I woke my parents up terrified that there was a ghost in the house - turns out another cat was just hanging out by our window, and ours really did sound like a ghost).

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