5 Best Electric Flea Traps for Indoor Fleas Control

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Best Electric Flea Traps
Best Electric Flea Traps

If you own a pet like dogs or cats, you have probably had a flea problem one time or another. These annoying insects love humid environments, and the issue will be made worse if your house has a lot of carpeting.

Electric flea traps are among the solutions you can use to deal with a flea problem. They emit heat and light to attract the pests and then incapacitate them. The best electric flea traps to buy are:

1. Biocare 11 Indoor Electric Flea Trap

This electric flea trap from BioCare is safe to use around children and pests because it is pesticide-free. It is perfect for homeowners who want to deal with a flea infestation effectively without using toxic chemicals.

The package includes a flea trap and a light bulb. There is also one capture pad plus an additional three refill pads. You should replace the capture pad every three months or even sooner if it is full.

The nightlight-style bulb produces light and emits body heat to attract insects from up to 25 ft away. You can expect to see trapped fleas within two to three days. This trap is quite functional as it catches four to six times more insects than older types of flea traps.

The light, infrared rays, and heat produced by the model are too strong for fleas to resist, and they will accumulate in it in a short time. Once the insects land on the trap, they fall through the screen and are subsequently disabled on the sticky pad.

This trap is made in the USA, where it is both UL and CSA-approved. It features a double-duty cord and is made from fireproof plastic. The trap is designed to be left on continually while still being an economical way of dealing with a flea infestation.

One con with this trap is that the bulb may not last for a long while.


2. ASPECTEK Sticky Dome Bed Bug

The Aspectek flea trap is safe to use even if you have children in the house because it has no harmful chemicals. It is ideal pet-owners who want a pet-friendly and non-toxic product.

This solution is quite easy to use as it comes fully assembled. Simply plug it in in the rooms where you have flea problems. The soft bulb will create a warm and light setting to attract insects from up to 50 feet away.

The sticky pad will then incapacitate the fleas. Leave the trap on for 24 hours, but keep in mind that the flea population will vary from time to time. By leaving the model on, you can catch fleas before they reproduce, which is quite effective in reducing the population of the insect.

You can buy the refills for the replacement light bulbs and sticking paper online. It is easier to invest in a bundle of the refills because the prices are lower, and they can be stored for up to 12 months.

The model is however large and not discreet and the lamp may burn out quickly.


3. Redeo Indoor Flea Trap

This trap will not only kill fleas, but flies, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and any roaches roaming in your house. To kill fleas, the trap produces a bright light and heat that mimics that of a warm-blooded host.

It can attract fleas that are up to 30 feet away. The trap has a super strong sticky glue-board that will not allow the insects to escape.

The package includes a trap, USB cable, a natural glue sticky board, and a user’s guide. To assemble the trap, insert the glue-board, and plug it in.

You can easily remove the glue board once it is full of fleas. The trap is odorless and non-toxic but very practical to use.


4. Happy Jack Flea Beacon

The Happy Jack flea beacon is designed to help households control flea infestation without the need for pesticides. A light bulb is fitted under the top of the trap to attract fleas, and the pests will be trapped by the sticky tray below once they jump in.

The trap is most effective at night, and you can move it from room to room to catch as many fleas as possible. By trapping adult fleas, the Happy Jack Flea Beacon disrupts the reproductive cycle and controls flea populations.

Reviewers have, however, complained that the flea trap is flimsy and break easily.


5. Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

This odorless and non-poisonous trap will protect your house from flea infestations. It features a patented design that promises a 93% catch rate.

It is powerful enough to attract fleas from 30 feet away, and even those that are in your upholstery and carpeting. Its 360° access will lure in the insects from all angles.

The model is fitted with a protective canopy that discourages pets and people from coming into contact with the glue disc. For long-time use, replace the disc every two to four weeks.

You will need to assemble the trap by yourself.


Do Electric Traps Really Work?

Yes and no. In the context of an active infestation, flea traps should be part of a larger control plan that is also committed to the elimination of flea eggs.

You will also need to maximize the effectiveness of the traps by placing them in strategic locations. The models should be placed close to the places where your pets spend the most time.

Areas near your pet’s bedding, feeding dishes, and play zones are good places to start. Fleas also love to hide in upholstery, carpets, and rugs. Place the traps near furniture and in carpeted rooms.

You cannot rely on electric flea traps to get rid of a large population of fleas in your house. They can, however, reduce the number of pests around your pet’s bedding and in their outdoor kennels.

Invest in a trap once you observe a high level of flea activity in a specific part of your household. If you desire effective flea control, however, you will need more measures in action.

Why Are Fleas Attracted to Flea Traps?

Flea traps work by baiting fleas to jump on them. Fleas rely on the heat of warm-blooded animals to target hosts, and flea traps mimic this warmth.

Fleas will also readily head to places with lights, which is why they eagerly jump in traps.

Are Fleas Attracted to Light?

Electric traps depend on light to draw in fleas. Once you turn on your trap at night, fleas will come from their hiding cracks because they are attracted by light and color.

The insect will jump to reach the light and will be glued to the tray, after which they will starve to death.

Can Flea Traps Kill Fleas Instantly?

Flea traps contain no chemicals, and will only keep the insects glued down until they die. You should, therefore, give the traps time before you check for dead fleas.

Most manufacturers design flea traps to be pet- and child-friendly, and will therefore not use any toxins to kill fleas. This makes the traps a safe option for most households.

Where to Place the Flea Trap?

Flea Traps are most effective when placed near areas where your pet frequently. You can also set the trap near furniture, carpets, and rugs.

Other Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home?

You can use pesticides to control a flea infestation, but the chemicals can irritate people and pets. Pesticides will also not penetrate upholstery and carpets. Natural methods are safer and include:

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the natural solutions that pet owners use to control flea infestations. This fine powder is made of fossilized diatoms with cell walls of silica. Silica is a component of glass, and it is able to cut through the outer shell of an insect’s skin and dry the fleas out.

To use diatomaceous earth, buy a food-grade that is safe for human consumption. If the rooms with a flea infestation are carpeted, start by vacuuming to disrupt the fleas. Sprinkle the element and use a broom to work it in the fabric. Your hands should be gloved because the powder is quite drying to skin.

Sprinkle it in your pet’s beddings, furniture, and other places that the pet frequents. Leave it for about three days, and then vacuum it off. Repeat the process weekly for 30 days. Flea eggs hatch after a week, and it is necessary to deal with the new batch of fleas.

Like any other solution, the use of diatomaceous earth has its pros and disadvantages. While it is generally safe, it can irritate your pet’s mouth, nose and eyes once applied. You should wash their beddings in hot water once a week.


Beneficial nematodes are quite useful for getting rid of fleas on your lawn or garden or even in indoor carpeting. These roundworms prey on garden insects and fleas and will typically bore their way through a host’s skin.

They will then release bacteria that predigest the host, and the flea will die within 48 hours. Once they are done feeding, they exit the dead flea in search of new prey. Beneficial nematodes are an organic way of dealing with a flea menace. They are safe for humans and pets and have been shown to eliminate over 90% of flea larvae in the first 24 hours.

Beneficial nematodes are mostly recommended for outdoor applications. You can fill the nematode solution into hose-end sprayers and spray it in doghouses and kennels.

You can also direct the solution under bushes and other areas where your pet frequents.


Fleas avoid the strong smell of cedar, meaning that you can use cedar chips to repulse them. Sprinkle some of it where your pet hangs around like their bedding and outdoor kennel.

You can also spray your pet with cedar oil to protect them, but ensure they can tolerate it.

Bathe and Groom Your Pet

You can use natural methods to manage a flea infestation on your pet. Bathe them once a week with a shampoo that is formulated especially for cats and dogs.

A shampoo with oatmeal is an excellent moisturizing solution, and you should start with the neck to discourage fleas from jumping onto your pet’s ears, mouth, and eyes.

Flea combs are excellent grooming tools for your pet, although you may have to offer them treats to make them sit calmly. The teeth of the comb are fine and will easily trap fleas and debris.

The comb is most effective when used on a dry coat. To use, mix water with dish soap to rinse the comb as you remove the fleas. You can perform the activity outdoors so that fleas and flea eggs do not drop onto the carpet.

Some pet owners also spray their pets with a citrus solution. Boil thin lemon slices in water and leave it overnight, although pet stores also have citrus pet sprays.

Citrus has been shown to deter fleas for up to 24 hours, but you should first spray every three to four days to determine if there is any irritation.

Essential Oils

Some pet owners swear by various essential oils to repel fleas. Besides being natural, some of the oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that deal with the irritation from flea bites.

You should ensure that the essential oil you select is safe to use on your pet. Since these oils are quite potent, it is advisable to dilute them with carrier oils like coconut, olive, castor, jojoba, avocado, and grapeseed.

Some essential oils that are used to repel fleas include pennyroyal, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and clove.


Dealing with a flea infestation can be frustrating, especially if you are looking for natural methods. Electric traps are an effective way of trapping fleas in a specific place, and they can help you determine the severity of the menace.

These traps rely on light and heat to attract the pests, after which the fleas are held down by a sticky glue surface. Traps may not control a large infestation on their own, but they are useful as part of a control plan.

Updated: February 11, 2020

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